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Want a way to protect and show off that nice set of expensive dice (gemstones, metal, bone, wood, etc) you invested in? Tired of your old dice bag? New to gaming and ready to invest in a dice bag? Or do you want a nice, protective bag for jewelry, coins, or other small items? Whoever you are, why ever you are here: Welcome!

All of our dice bags are handmade from durable and soft garment leathers to provide you with a stylish layer of protection for your dice. This style of dice bag is designed to open up to a bowl shape to allow easy access to your dice while still keeping them contained.

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Here's the link to our Kickstarter project. These excellent people helped us stock all the great color choices now available and they helped us roll out our new Two-Tone line of bags. Check out the video in particular, and skip to 0:59 if you want to get past the relevant information to get straight to the irrelevant information (which is usually more fun). Plus, if you watch through to the credits, you get to hear the entire song about dice (composition/performance by Mary Bichner and lyrics by LeatherDiceBags' Mary Thompson).

Keep scrolling down to view just a few of the custom orders from our Kickstarter!

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