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Classic dice bags are made from garment cow leather. This type of leather has a grain side (the smooth side) and a suede side (the fuzzy side). Two-Tone dice bags are made from lambskin leather. This type of leather has a grain side (the smooth side) and a suede side (the fuzzy side). Each bag is made of two pieces that have been eyeleted together leaving very little suede exposed.

Not all stains can be removed  (usually those created by paint, ink, or harsh chemicals). Dust, soda, water, and the like can usually be treated but you have to act right away. To care for and to protect your investment, here are a few pointers to keep your leather soft, clean, and functional.

The DOs:
To protect, DO try to keep your leather dry.
To clean, DO spot treat your leather.
For liquid spills, DO blot the stain with a dry cloth (try not to wipe).
For dry spills (dust and powders), DO try to brush/blow off as much as possible first (especially on the suede side), DO use a slightly damp sponge to spot treat the area (on the grain side).
To dry your leather (again, try to keep your leather dry), DO keep in a dark, cool place until it is air dried. Make sure it is completely dry before using it again (if the leather is cool to the touch, it is not fully dry).
DO keep it in a dark, dry, and preferably cool place when not in use.

The DON’Ts:
DON'T keep sharp object in your leather dice bag (it may leave holes in the material), this includes mechanical pencils and the like.
DON'T soak your dice bag in water or treat with harsh soaps or chemicals.
DON'T put your dice bag in the washing machine.
DON'T put your dice bag in the drier.
DON'T leave your dice bag in the sun, this will probably cause fading and may cause your leather to become harder and less flexible than before.
DON'T use your dice bag while it is wet or damp (if it is cool to the touch, it is not dry).
DON'T expose your dice bag to open flame. It makes the leather harden and crack and it will probably burn through your drawstring (And it isn't a pleasant smell if the leather does catch on fire).
DON'T otherwise abuse your dice bag. (Say, by putting sharp gravel in your dice bag and banging on it with a mallet, both inside out and right side out.).

Just in case you were wondering about the quality of this product, we have done everything on the DON'T list to the our leather dice bag (to make sure that the quality of our product is up to our very high standards), and so far our dice bag is still in one piece and functional; however, we do have tiny puncture marks, mostly from the rocks (the rocks don't look so good either), and our leather is not as flexible and soft as it once was.

Oldest Dice Bag
And finally, DON’T try anything from the DON'T list on your own dice bags.
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