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About LeatherDiceBags

It all started with an obsession with dice and over-zealous creative tendencies. Positive feedback from our other gaming friends encouraged us to want to offer our creations to more gamers.

Black Rose Leather LLC started business in April of 2008. We took our time finding the best leathers and hardware for use in our dice bags. It was, and still is, really important to us to find companies that offer the best color options and the best quality. Even though we opened with a very limited amount of colors available, our goal is to one day have as many choices as we can. Every gamer is different and we want to offer dice bags that reflect, celebrate, and encourage those differences. 

As much as we wanted to spread the word about our work, we have been otherwise occupied with the two beautiful children we’ve added to our family since we opened. Now that they are a little older and self-propelled, we have free hands again looking for a challenge. We are ready to make your favorite dice very happy. Are you?

By Mary and James Thompson

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