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Can they be used for things besides dice?

Why should you own a dice bag?

Why should you own our dice bag?

Are they made of real leather?

Can I get a custom size/shape?

How many dice does the bag hold?

Q: Can they be used for things besides dice?
A: Absolutely. We have used them and seen them used as jewelry pouches, especially when traveling. We've also put credit cards, cash, coins, and keys for walking around conventions and faires. Our aunt even has one on her walker she uses as an easy to open, close, and keep secure purse. Plus, we have used them for various coins, tokens, chips, game pieces, and other small, valuable items.

Q: Why should you own a dice bag?
A: If you're completely happy with the little plastic box your dice probably came in, then kudos for you. We find that they open unexpectedly when carried in something else (bag with books, papers, pens, etc) and we end up fishing our dice out of the bottom of our messenger bag or backpack or worse, losing dice we didn't realize were loose. A dice bag (well, a good one anyway) lets you secure your dice so they don't accidentally open. When we, and others, have gone to open the little plastic boxes, too many times to count we see box not open smoothly and dice fall out all over. It isn't fun for anyone to pause an intense scene to chase escaped dice across the floor. [TOP]

Q: Why should you own our dice bag?
Short A (For all you conformists out there.): Because they are awesome and we said so.
Long A (So you like to think for yourself, do you? Cool. We like that.):

It's high quality leather. (What? It needs more explanation? Really?...Fine.) Don't get us wrong. This is 100% a luxury item (as are all gaming items). That being said, it is luxurious. We could tell you that the price is what it is because you are getting a customized, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece of art (which is true but you're getting all that as a bonus). What you are really paying for is the leather. We've spent five years finding the best leather. It is HIGH quality leather. Our Classic leather is soft; the Two-Tone leather is very soft. Both are colorful, durable, and easy to care for. Our leathers have a nice weight to them and they handle very well.

Our shape makes it easy to pick out which dice you need. It opens up nice and wide, allowing you to pick through your collection for your lucky die (You know, the one that always used to hide in the recesses of your old dice bag, maybe even making you dump the whole thing out to find it). It has a lip to keep dice from escaping. Even opened all the way, the cord creates a lip around the edges by keeping the edge elevated. No escaping dice here as you rummage through your collection.

You can even roll in the bag. Remember that lip we just talked about? Good. Guess what else it does. That's right, you can roll in the bag, just set it on a flat surface. (Broken in leather doesn't usually need coaxing, but a new dice bag may need some slight adjustment to make sure the bottom is flat when you first set it down to roll.)

Easy to close, easy to open, easy to carry. We use cord stops. They stop cord. Simple, right? Yeah, we thought so too. What it means though, is that when you close the bag, it stays closed. It also means that you can open it as much or as little as you like and it will stay that way until you decide to adjust it.

450 test paracord, our cord of choice, is durable. It is rated to hold hundreds of pounds of weight before breaking. Paracord was initially designed for use with parachutes. It was so awesome that it is now used for lots of other things. It is, in fact, very durable and extremely strong for use as a pull cord on a dice bag. Okay, so really it is overkill, but it comes in great colors and we know the odds are good that the cord is going to be the last thing to give out on this bag.

Eyelets add strength and look good doing it. Our eyelets help the cord move smoothly without getting caught up on the leather. They add a polished look to the bags and they come in multiple colors.

We also use paracord tip covers. These keep your cord stop from sliding off without the need for a knot. They also add a polished look to the ends of the paracord. Plus, they match your cord stop.

You get to pick your own custom colors to express your unique style. You don't have to carry your dice in a re-purposed alcohol wrapper and you don't have to carry your dice in one of those little velour dice bags that don't open or seal well.

You can even use these for things other than dice. Jewelry, coins, cards, cash, tokens, game pieces, etc. We strongly recommend avoiding sharp objects.

Q: Are they made of real leather?
A: Yes. Our dice bags are made from either cow (Classic) or sheep (Two-Tone) leather. Both are smooth, soft, and have nice weight to them. Leather is quite durable and easy to care for. The high quality leather we use is the reason the price is what it is. Nothing about high quality leather is cheap: the durability, the look, the feel, and the cost. On top of that, the Two-Tone leather is very soft.  [TOP]

Q: Can I get a custom size/shape?
A: Maybe. E-mail me and let's talk about it. The shape we are using is one we know works well. We are always play-testing new ideas, so if you have one, let us know. We have a few that are still in beta right now. We take play-testing very seriously though, so we won't sell any new ideas until we are sure they work right and hold up over time.  [TOP]

Q: How many dice does the bag hold?
A: How does such a simple question end up so complicated?
Here's what we can actually measure with the dice we have here:

16mm d6s (standard sized dice)


16mm d10s (standard sized dice)


12mm d6s (small dice)



12mm d10s (small dice)



Closing difficulty:
Easy – Usually no adjustment necessary. This is the ideal amount of dice to us.

Moderate – You will probably have to adjust every time you go to close the bag. Not a lot, but some manipulation halfway closed is very likely. This is fuller than we like, but we might do it on a rare occasion, maybe for a one shot.

Aggravating – We cannot recommend this. It was hard to finesse it closed once, taking an extra amount of shifting. This is over full. It is a giant pain to close (hence the name) though it will still actually close.

Note: Any dice that brick together (d6s are notorious for this) naturally may need a little shake or squeeze from the bottom of the bag when closing to break up the bottom layer enough to close the bag.  [TOP]

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